How to Upload an eBook to Your Device

ePub (or PDF) on iPhone or iOS

There are a couple of ways to get an ePub (or PDF) file on your iOS device.

  1. Email it to yourself and open it in iBook on your phone (it'll be an attachment in your email.  Just click on it and it should ask you want to open it in iBooks).
  2. Use iTunes (it's the same on both Windows & Mac)
    1. Save the file to your computer (remember where you save it)
    2. Open iTunes
    3. Select 'Add to Library' from the File Menu


    4. Pick the file you saved in step 1.
    5. Go to Settings / Books (in iTunes)
    6. Check Sync Books
    7. Check to be sure the ePub file you just uploaded is selected if you didn't check "All Books"
    8. Sync your iTunes to your iDevice


Kindle on ANY Device

There are a few ways to get a Kindle on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.  But the most simple method is to use your Kindle email address and email it to yourself.  Amazon also offers a number of Send to Kindle apps.

Rather than rewrite the instructions, we'll point you to Amazon.

Send to Kindle Apps Email to Kindle  


Once you've uploaded it to your Kindle, it will be available in the Docs library on your Kindle, not in your books.  Amazon reserves the "Books" library for books you buy or get through Amazon itself.

ePub on Android

Google has provided some helpful instructions (repeated here):

Upload PDF & EPUB files

Tip: It’s easier to upload a file on your computer rather than your Android device.

To upload files on your computer (suggested):

  1. Go to Google Play Books.
  2. Near the top right of your screen, click Upload files.
  3. Find the PDF or EPUB file you want to upload and click Select.
  4. Files will appear in your Uploads library.

To upload files on your Android device:

  1. Open the Google Play Books app.
  2. Touch the Menu Burger nav > Settings > Enable PDF uploading.
  3. Exit the app.
  4. Download a PDF or EPUB file on your device and touch Upload to Play Books.

You can see all files you uploaded at My Library > Uploads.


ePub on Nook or Kobo eReader (and most others)

Uploading a book to a Nook or Kobo is fairly straightforward and doesn't require anything extra.

  1. Download the ePub to your computer.  Remember the location of your download.
  2. Plug in your Nook or Kobo 
    • It will show up like a flash drive
  3. Copy to your eReader
    • Nook: Copy the ePub to the "My Documents" folder on your Nook.
    • Kobo:  Drag the ePub to your Kobo in either Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac)
  4. Eject the eReader
    • Mac:  In Finder, click on the Eject button next to the eReader's name on the left Finder panel.
    • Windows:
      1. Click on the windows-USB-Drive-Icon icon in the right status bar (if you don't see it click on the "show hidden icons" button) then select the eReader to safely remove it.
      2. In My Computer, right click on the eReader (it'll show up like a USB drive) and then select "Eject".

This method should also work for most other eReaders, too, if they're not iOS or Android based.  These devices are typically seen as USB drives and you can, more or less, treat them as such.