Women Need Women

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 | 1 comment

Women Need Women #friendship #women #flowersofgrace

My friend Andrea posted a meme going around Facebook that says, “You can always tell who the strong women are, they are the ones you see building each other up, not tearing each other down.” (via @sitsgirls)

We messaged back and forth about that line. About how we need each other. About how she wanted to start tagging all the women who’ve done that for her. But, she said, “I was afraid I would forget someone.”

Let’s do it, I thought. Let’s actually start spreading our truly good examples of what real friendship among women means. Because women need women.

Are you with me? Pick your pictures. Choose your social network. And start sharing. Tell your women friends, your sisters, your daughters, mothers, aunts, nieces, roommates what you’re doing and get them to join too.

Let’s fill our social networks with gratitude for the real strength gained from women who mourn with us, laugh with us, listen to us, confide in us, teach us, learn with us, BUILD US UP!

Are you with me?

Post a photo of you and a friend, sister, daughter or mother. Write what this friendship means in 2-6 words. Tag your friend and ask her to do it too!

Do you want to take it to the next level of sharing? I’m creating a video montage of some of  the favorites. Use these hashtags if you want to be included and give permission: #FlowersOfGrace #Friendship

Off to find my photo. I can’t wait to see yours.

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  1. More than friends. They were Gods flowers of Grace to me. They are Women who share

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