Twelve Stones from a Book Launch and Tour

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Twelve Stones to Remember Him is all about recognizing the goodness of God with gratitude and then using that positive strength to cope better with the very real hurdles of life. That goodness overflowed in abundance in recent weeks with the launch of this book. As I’ve applied it to the ups and downs of publication and marketing, new markers of success emerged.

1. Celebrating with a Book Launch Party

We hosted a Book Launch party for local Minnesota friends just before I flew to Salt Lake City for a week to promote it there.

Twelve Stones to Remember Him Book Launch Party

2. Sharing My Work

I read an excerpt from Twelve Stones to Remember Him and talked about how I came to understand that receiving is as important as giving.

Reading at Book Launch

3. A Spring Break

I boarded the airplane with -4 degree temperatures, mounds of snow, and a blizzard warnings for the week ahead at home. I stepped off the airplane in Utah into a 60-degree day with just a light jacket over my arm, sunshine on my face and the windows rolled down.


4. Reconnecting with family and friends

Time spent with my daughter, old friends, a sister, my brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, and my mother-in-law. Matching the weather with the company made this a trip of healing from a winter of endurance as much as anything.

5. The Sacred Gift to Create

I wrote about my trip to the Sacred Gifts exhibit on my blog. You can read about it here.  Appreciation of other’s creative gifts fine-tuned where and how to use my own creative talents.

6. A Visit to My Alma Mater

My daughter studies at Brigham Young University in Provo where I graduated with a BA in communications in 1994. The memories flooded back on campus where even the bookstore still smells and looks the same. Even so, the landscape was still changed, as it has for me in the twenty years since my graduation.

New patio in front of BYU Wilkinson Center where a street used to be

7. Meeting with My Publisher at Walnut Springs Press

In this age of email communication, we can get to the point where business becomes very removed from names and faces of real individuals. I discovered the value of putting the two together as I met Garry Mitchell and Linda Prince in person. They are both very personable and professional. An in-person conversation helped me to better understand the LDS publishing world, my own writing, and future goals.

8. A Good Word Interview

Good Word Podcast with Nick Galeti

Nick Galeti interviews LDS authors about their books and writing for the Good Word Podcast. He works from an upper-level sound studio at Eborn Books in Salt Lake City, just off the Trax station at Gallivan Plaza. His light-hearted personality set me at ease and allowed me to sink into the deep couch for the interview instead of feel like I’d been given the hot seat. His conversational style and thoughtful questions really drew out some significant understanding from Twelve Stones to Remember Him. I love the hook he uses to conclude his shows, inviting the author to describe his or her work in one word. What word do you think I used? Look out for the interview to be posted soon.  Like my Facebook Author Page for updates on where and when you can listen. or Follow The Good Word on Twitter.

9. A Book Signing at Eborn

I didn’t know what to expect from a public book signing, but it was fun! I signed a number of books, all that I had in fact, on Feb 28 at Eborn Books with personal messages, and of course, my signature.  The person-to-person connection with readers at the book signing was a highlight of my trip. One woman who came bought five books herself, and we’ve emailed since about the impact of the stories on her. An old friend even drove in from Washington to surprise me. What a treat!

Book Signing at Eborn

10. Media Review

Did you see it? On my last day of the trip, the Deseret News published a review and said Twelve Stones to Remember Him is “uplifting and faith promoting” and “offers hope and assurance to those experiencing difficult economic times.”

11. A Giveaway

We’re hosting a GoodReads Giveaway as a tail end to my book tour. You can enter to win one of five copies of Twelve Stones to Remember Him here. The giveaway runs through March. If you’ve already read it, please, please consider posting a review! I want to hear what you have to say on it.

12. And An Author Discovery

The publication of a book resembles parenting in the first year of a new baby’s life. A baby’s growth rapidly push a new mother or father to learn and act according to the stages of development rather than panic and react. In a matter of just a few months as a new author, I’ve helped prepare my manuscript for publication, planned for the book launch and executed a marketing plan. These steps brought searching questions, constant learning and decisive action, just like a new mom faces. And the trick, like motherhood taught me, is to learn all I can and then act rather than react.

My friend actually put that into even better words as we lunched together just before I met with my publisher. She said, “The Savior only acted; he never reacted.”

I react all the time, especially when something is new and challenging. But her words stayed with me and marked for me why I needed to write Twelve Stones to Remember Him: Building Memorials of Faith from Financial Crisis. I opened my book on the plane and felt a bit silly reading my own work in such a public place. But what I gained from that reading and this week is this truth:

In writing this book I learned how to act in faith rather than react in emotional distress in a very challenging time of personal crisis. My hope is that you can find through the book, too, your own memorials of faith that strengthen you emotionally and spiritually to act in times of trial.

Reading Twelve Stones to Remember Him on the airplane


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