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My interview with Nick Galeti for the Good Word Podcast is now available for listening.

It’s a 35-40 minute stretch–just a commute’s worth of your day or a run on the treadmill in the morning. But in that time, you’ll get a feel for the genuine spirit of my new book, Twelve Stones to Remember Him, and the rich emotion and learning behind it.

It’s available for download or you can listen straight from the web.

What do I like about this interview?

Nick understands the timely topic, and it resonates with him.

When you write a book, you’re really not 100% sure what message others will receive from it. Nick’s questions and commentary articulate his understanding of what I want to communicate. And from his interview, you’ll feel and understand that, too.

Nick identifies the even broader message of this book.

It’s not just about financial crisis. When I talk about what I learned in my own crisis—about  emotional and spiritual resilience—you’ll see that. Our conversation is a free flow of how I applied my faith in a time of crisis and why the principles in Twelve Stones to Remember Him helps us face any challenge with faith.

Nick knows how to make a person sound good.

Nick’s sound studio is carved into an upper floor room of Eborn Books. Within this intimate cove are the workings of the professional show that becomes the Good Word Podcast. With just the few tips he gave (not to say “Ummm” every time I answered a question) he guides us through a professional conversation with high quality content and superior sound.

Listen and you’ll hear why The Good Word Podcast interview was one of the highlights of my trip to Salt Lake City.

Nick Galieti - The Good Word PodcastPostcast Courtesy of Nick Galieti and his “The Good WordPodcast. Podcast is copyright © The Good Word Podcast, 2014.  MP3 Downloads are available from the post on the Good Word website.

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