Finding Your Creative Energy

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Life itself becomes part of the creative process2

A full week of unique experiences has sparked my creative energy.

I saw the Piano Guys in concert. They know how to entertain!

I traveled to Missouri to be with my dad while my mom was with my sister when she delivered twins.

I volunteered at our local hospital where I see and appreciate all those behind the scenes who work to provide safe and comfortable medical care.

And I inadvertently used the men’s restroom and escaped without notice!

But I haven’t written a word of my manuscript Open to Joy, the sequel to Flowers of Grace.

And that’s okay!

Birth. Death. Sickness. Love. Compassion. Joy.

I’ve been living all of that this week.

My creativity ideas, energy and processes do not just come from sitting inside looking at a computer. I often freeze up when I “force” the process. Indeed, I do have to sit down and get the words out. But those words need to come from a passion and excitement to tell a story.

And that comes from living a full and engaging life.

Want to know how you can find your creative energy? Read my guest post Creativity: A Process, Not a Product for author and composer Rebecca Belliston’s March Book Madness. And while you’re there, check out all the posts by other authors for MBM. 


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