Book Club Questions for Flowers of Grace

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Two Female Friends Window Shopping (Copyright Dollar Photo Club. Used with Permission)

The night before Flowers of Grace released for publication, the launch team gathered in a virtual book group on Facebook to hold the first book club for Flowers of Grace. The fast-paced conversations flitted from thread-to-thread as we commented on plot, characters and theme. The most fun came when we started relating the story to our own experiences and relationships.

I repeated this experience last night with some close women friends of mine. We laughed and listened and talked. Oh, did we talk! Not just about the book but about our own self consciousness, the “Lilly” characters in our life, and our own emotions.

This is what I envisioned when I chose women’s fiction as the genre for Flowers of Grace. It’s perfect for book clubs and for all women. If you’re hosting a book club with Flowers of Grace, here’s some questions ready to be discussed!

Book Club Questions for Flowers of Grace

What was your very first impression as you read the prologue? What did you think the book would be about?

With all the twists and turns of the plot, what surprised you and why?

How did the setting–St. Louis or the Honeybee store–play into your view of the story?

What do you think about Grace’s wavering over her decision to leave Jeff? Why was it so hard for her to let go of him when it was so obvious that he wasn’t good for her?

How would you describe the relationship between Lilly and Grace? Tell us who in your life has been Lilly to you?

Which of the characters could you relate to and why?

What were some of Grace’s talents at the store and in her personal life? Which ones were outwardly visible and which involved her relationships with others? How did those change in the end?

What did you think of the scene between Grace and Roberta after they’ve discovered the plant? How did you feel about Grace’s words to Roberta?

Do you think Roberta changes or is it Grace’s perspective of her that changes? Why?

What did you learn from Grace’s journey? Her perceived successes and failures?

What do you think about the title, the imagery of the plant and how it ran throughout the book? What does the title mean to you? How did Grace experience her own flowers of grace?

What questions would you like answered in a sequel?

Four more questions that contain spoilers are available by email. Just contact me.



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