"Life itself becomes part of the creative process"


Teresa Hirst is the author of Flowers of Grace, a novel inspired by a true story, published in February 2015 by Little Forest Big Spring Press. This story of love and loss, friendship and forgiveness—set in an upscale St. Louis boutique—is a heart-wrenching book club choice. She is also the author of the nonfiction inspirational book, Twelve Stones to Remember Him: Building Memorials of Faith from Financial Crisis published by Walnut Springs Press in January 2014. In this book, true stories of the recession’s economic, emotional and spiritual impact on twelve families reveal how truths from an ancient memorial can help us cope with faith during our own difficult crossings.

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Flowers of Grace

Set in an upscale St. Louis boutique when retail customers are trading brick and mortar stores for online shopping, Flowers of Grace is a story of love and loss, friendship and forgiveness. Grace inherits a hibiscus with a legacy she fears she will kill. Both Grace and the hibiscus blossom through a wedding and a birth, but its unexpected death pushes her to face false assumptions, opening a path for new love to appear.

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Creativity and Insights

The True Story that Inspired Flowers of Grace

Flowers of Grace is a novel inspired by a a true story, but the cover could read...

Reminders of His Love – Guest Post at Literary Time Out

Recognizing, receiving, and recalling these evidences of God’s love helped me remember that He loved me, even with bleak physical circumstances.

Facing Financial Trials with Faith – Guest Post at Mormon Women

Through simple faith, applied over and over, like the widow of Zarephath, He sustained us through our drought.

Three Dollar Attribute – Guest Post at Segullah

Three-dollar items that generally had not received our notice or resources for a long time became treasures of everyday life when they did.

Memorials of Faith

Every time we recognize God's hand, we gather stones for our memorial of faith.

Hand of God

Looking for the hand of God not only shows us His hand, it trains us to better observe His hand in the future.

The Sacrament

That Sacrament is a readily accessible and consistent reminder of God's grace and power in our lives. It is our most sacred spiritual memorial.

Joy in Life

It's in our association with others we find joy in life.

Trust in God

When we let go of what our life sketch should look like we come to trust in God's will and His timing.

God’s Power and Presence

Evidence of God's power and presence in our lives helps us keep our heads spiritually above water.

Crossing with Faith

We cross many deserts and rivers along our life path. We either cross alone or we cross with faith in Jesus Christ.

He Knows Who We Are

The Lord knows who we are and is mindful of us individually.