Reminders of His Love – Guest Post at Literary Time Out

Posted on Mar 6, 2014 | 0 comments

Valentine Roses

My husband discovered my hidden love note slipped between two folders in his bag while riding a train 1000 miles from home. His coworker captured a photo of my penned message written across the front of the envelope, “Do not open until February 14.”

I shared that same warmth of discovery in a homemade card he left for me on another day of love when we were apart. Without any extra money for even a purchased one, his heartfelt remembrance became a treasure to me.

Expensive, elaborate celebrations, or even proximity to each other didn’t bring that feeling. Simply being remembered did. Love springs into and from our heart. But recalling memories—of love given and received—can spark our minds to know and then feel love.

During a challenging time of financial crisis in our family, the simple yet abundant manifestations of God’s love nurtured and sustained me. Recognizing, receiving, and recalling these evidences of God’s love helped me remember that He loved me, even with bleak physical circumstances.

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