Facing Financial Trials with Faith – Guest Post at Mormon Women

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Mormon Women

My friend Camille stood behind the clear glass window of our front entry doors. As soon as I saw her with a grocery bag I knew I shouldn’t have opened my mouth and revealed my need.

In church the day before, I had taught the story of the widow of Zarephath feeding Elijah the prophet. Her faith in the Lord and the words of a prophet, knowing this serving of food was the last in the house, sustained her and her son through a time of famine. (See 1 Kings 17.)

The Holy Ghost had shown me—in the middle of teaching this lesson—the clear need to develop this faith myself and apply it to our financial challenge. I had masked my emotional reaction to that message with a lighthearted remark to the class about taking the last bottle of oil from our food storage that very week. Now, my friend brought what I presumed was a large bag of food at my front door, and I didn’t want to open it.

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